Topic 4 : Development of consciousness toward 'Homo Ecologicus'

The complex road to maturity

  1. The genesis of a human being
  2. Female and male reproductive cells
  3. The particular bond between a man and his mother
  4. Love has to be learned
  5. Whoever strives…
  6. Programmed and yet free
  7. Why is there no training for life?
  8. Balance in dynamic unity

Homo Ecologicus - The way of wisdom

  1. Schematic view of human consciousness
  2. Physical and sexual feeling
  3. Female versus male sexuality
  4. Development of the ecological consciousness
  5. Importance of a guide in the development of consciousness
  6. Transcendence through the Catholic Church?
  7. Creativity – a transcendent activity?
  8. Music is a form of love
  9. Without culture there can be no ‘homo ecologicus’
  10. Death has died
  11. Surviving to go down in history
  12. Yearning for immortality

From Ego to the self

  1. The ego’s ‘having’-consciousness
  2. Errors of the super-ego
  3. In search of the Self
  4. The Delphic Oracle: unity despite polarity
  5. Ways to the Self