Topic 3 : God's 'plan' in Genesis and other texts

Eastern wisdom, western theology

  1. You must love the Lord your God
  2. Tao, yin-yang, wu-wei and te
  3. Ch’i is spirit, energy and matter
  4. Teilhard de Chardin and C.G.Jung
  5. Changes and transformations
  6. Teilhard de Chardin’s vision
  7. ‘Vers un point critique supérieur’

Genesis, The Apocrypha and other gospels

  1. Old and New Testaments – a love story
  2. The kingdom of God is planned in Genesis
  3. The gospel according to Thomas
  4. A comparison between the gospels and the Gnostic scriptures
  5. The gospel according to John
  6. Bond between creator and humankind