Topic 1 : Science and the Economy, Faith and the Church

The world we live in

  1. It began with the social market economy
  2. The socio-ecological economy - the inevitable next step
  3. Social market ecology : gets the system going
  4. Suppression of non-conformists is part of the logic of globalisatio
  5. Information technology is the engine of progress

Natural constants

  1. Conformity to certain laws is the basis of nature’s cohesion
  2. What does ‘matter IS energy’ mean?
  3. Not a question of ‘either/or’ but of ‘both/and’
  4. The photoelectric effect: light, matter and energy

Faith and reason

  1. Faith and reason: do they oppose or complement each other?
  2. The end of certainties
  3. Einstein and the question of God

Can the Church still change?

  1. Only the façade of the Curia is left standing
  2. There is something wrong with the Church
  3. God is dead, but not Satan
  4. Hatred is spiritual suicide
  5. Chata and teshuvah
  6. The Church’s doctrine of justification
  7. Second birth as a spiritual renaissance