The Message of Christ – Food for Thought

In a world of ‘shareholder value’, ‘return on investment’ and ‘market penetration’, how important is the message of someone who, 2000 years ago, held out the prospect of a new world, dreamt of the coming kingdom of God and was eventually put to death like a common criminal? What was the Son of Man’s objective? How can his message be interpreted or understood in the modern world? The problems between people today are the same as they were then. But in his time there were no global conflicts, there was no systematic exploitation of natural resources, no dangerous water and air pollution, no overpowering financial institutions and no globalisation of trade – and the world did not have a population of 5 thousand million. 2000 years ago Jesus laid the foundation for a new world order. He called upon us to reflect on the basic values of humanity; he called for mutual respect in relationships with our fellow human beings, respect for the environment, respect for the whole of creation. Only a humanity that is born anew in the spirit can meet the huge challenges of the 21st century. The message of Jesus Christ has never been as important as it is today.